Northstar Organics grows certified organic and transitional-to-organic fruit and vegetables on our 10 acre farm in Central Saanich.
ALM Organic Farm is a 15 acre organic farm located in Sooke on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
Coleman Meadows Farm is a small grass fed Water Buffalo dairy in the beautiful Alberni Valley, We offer flowers in season, meat, gelato, yogurt, and cheese
We produce 100% Natural Garlic, Lamb, Rabbit and Eggs!
Our 5 acre property has not seen any chemicals for at least 40 years. As the previous owner, we follow organic growing principles on our farm and do not use chemicals or drugs. The sheep feed on grass and hay and only before lambing do our ewes get some grain and crushed corn as a supplement.
We grow real food, naturally! We love this land and what it produces… Our Berries are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Delicious and packed with nutrients, the mainly Reka Blueberries, are ripe from early July to mid-August each year. We pick and sell, directly from the farm gate, with some deliveries available.
Located in the Beautiful Alberni Valley, Naesgaard's is a very unique and exciting shopping experience. We have a great selection of fruits and vegetables picked fresh from our fields and local suppliers. In our garden centre we have a compelling selection of flowers and plants.
committed to developing infrastructure and fostering relationships that build our long term food sustainability within a vibrant and healthy community.
The Metchosin Producers' Association (MPA) is a non-profit organization which is the governing body of the local Metchosin Farmers' Market. The MPA also keeps an ear open for important issues regarding farms and farmland. We hold representation on our Metchosin Agricultural Advisory Committee. In the past we have received a Tourism Grant to make improvements to the Market site of a hedge, plants and a cedar rail fence along with electrical and water improvements.
Farmers Market located in Veteran's Memorial Park, Langford. We support sustainable local agriculture, real food, artisan crafts and local entertainers.
The Galiano Market Society is proud to host the Saturday Market from 10am to 20m every week, it features fresh home-grown produce, home-baked goods, home-made and hand-made jewellry, Clothing & crafts from our Gulf Island.