2599 Wark St
V8T 4G7 BC

As Garden Coordinator for Quadra Village Community Centre, Jenny is looking forward to working with community members to maintain the Wark St. Commons and the People's Apothecary, garden areas around QVCC and other garden initiatives in Quadra-Hillside. Along with Hillside Urban Farmers For Sustainability (HUFFS) network, we also hope to be teaching and learning from our community of gardeners and want-to-be gardeners in our neighborhood. Additionally, we are actively looking for opportunities to establish an allotment garden project in Hillside-Quadra.

  • Regular planting, weeding, harvesting and clean-up at Wark St. Commons (Corner of Kings Rd and Wark St)
  • Gardening opportunities/options at QVCC:
  • Working on a friendly team
  • Working on a solo project
  • Taking on a regularly scheduled garden task, such as weeding and clean-up around Quadra Village Community Centre.
  • Working on awareness building around sustainable ways to grow edibles in the city

A new feature to the Wark Street Commons garden is the recently installed pollinator habitat garden project that was initiated in partnership with Pollinator Partnership Canada. With this, a portion of the garden has been dedicated to growing native plant species that are not only beautiful (and some edible!), but also support a healthy, diverse pollinator population. 

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the City of Victoria for this project. 

Garden type
Commons Garden