Welcome Gardens! participants are experienced gardeners willing to share their garden or knowledge and less experienced gardeners wanting to share the work and learn how to grow a garden in Victoria!

Participants receive and share resources to help start their gardens, attend free Welcome Gardens! learning workshops and gardening tours as well as join in special group events.

The project also offers each participant personal support from the project’s coordinator and volunteers.

Cleaning up the garden, preparing beds, deciding what to grow and planting seeds connects community members in:

exchanging gardening practices and horticultural knowledge
learning together
sharing work
forming friendships

If you are a senior (50+) or a newcomer wanting to share a gardening experience with others of different cultures, become a Welcome Gardens! participant!

For more information, please contact Pam Devito at welcomegardens@vircs.bc.ca or call 250-361-9433 ext. 216