3800 Finnerty Rd
V8P 5C2 BC

WEEKLY ACTIONS: Volunteers collect unsellable but edible food from grocery stores, prepare the collected food in a cooking workshop hosted by a professional chef at a church kitchen, and serve the food for free. We engage in discussion about the impacts of food waste, and what a more sustainable and mindful food system might look like.

WHY? A staggering quantity of edible food is wasted across the industrial food system. Food produced with tremendous costs (energetically, environmentally, and socially) goes uneaten. This is both unsustainable and unethical; moreover, such waste represents a fundamentally unhealthy relationship with food, which to nourish us not only physically, but culturally.

The Community Cabbage operates on WSÁNEĆ and Lekwungen territory. We are continually learning and recognizing the privilege and responsibility of living, learning, and eating on this land.

In Canada, we participate in social and economic structures that are not indigenous to this place. They were installed by European colonizing forces that intentionally displaced existing indigenous systems.

At the Community Cabbage, our mission is to realize an alternative food system that emphasizes the cultural and ecological foundations of food through sharing free meals and teaching food skills. Our goal is to ensure that we can contribute to the vital process of decolonization.

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