Building soil. Building community. Cultivating abundance.
committed to developing infrastructure and fostering relationships that build our long term food sustainability within a vibrant and healthy community.
We are an organic farm on Vancouver Island providing healthy food, educational programs and community-building opportunities since 2001. is a free Canada wide land listing tool designed to connect those who own land and those looking to rent, lease or buy land. FarmLINK users find on-farm employment, business partnerships in agriculture, and even farm succession arrangements more efficiently.
A one hectare organic community farm-garden on unceded Kwakiutl Territory.
The FLT Society is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to enhance farming capacity in the Greater Victoria area by protecting local farmland, protecting eco-sensitive and culturally special areas, producing food for those in need, providing relevant educational opportunities, promoting the economic viability of farmland, and providing community access and public awareness programs. Through our work, the FLT Society liaises with a diverse community: Greater Victoria farming community; Government (municipal, provincial, federal); First Nations; food banks; senior centers; drop-in centers for persons in need in society; non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in stewardship, heritage, agriculture and/or nature conservancy; and academia.
Glen Alwin Farm provides grass-fed beef, lamb and pork. We sell direct from our farm, and to our customers, each week from 9 am - 1 pm every Saturday at the Comox Valley Farmers Market.
Local family farm providing turkey products (whole, breasts, sausages, thighs, etc), organic wheat and blueberries (fresh + frozen)
John & Karen Eigler are proud to be third generation farmers. They specialize in raising top quality free-range turkey and free-run roasting chicken, raised naturally on their beautiful Comox Valley farm on Vancouver Island.
Amazing Seeds, Fruit, and Vegetables
Grown Locally and Sustainably