Rainbow Kitchen serves the community of Esquimalt and beyond with food security measures from week day cold breakfasts or hot lunches prepared and served each day to providing food resources to thousands of others in the CRD through partnerships with other local food security agencies.

500 Admirals Road
Esquimalt BC V9N 2N4

An estimated 1200+ guests from around the CRD take part in our daily meals as their food security.  Additionally approximately 2000-3000 more people engage with food programming with partnering agencies with supplies we share. But we are truly more than a food supplier. Many guests describe Rainbow Kitchen as family, their social network, their place to belong. Our goal of building community stretches through everything we do. 

We are a place of connection where guests and volunteers, no matter their abilities or circumstance, are part of a community where they feel worthy, feel useful, feel safe.  When people walk through the door, they are greeted with a smile and offered assistance to ensure they feel comfortable and welcome.

Who do we serve? 

Those who come to participate are our guests. Guests who come to the Rainbow Kitchen are treated the same as everyone else- there is no barrier.  Our guests include street youth, seniors on low income, veterans, single parents and their young ones, families, the unemployed and underemployed, individuals on social assistance or disability pensions, and individuals facing housing challenges. During summer months and breaks from school, we often welcome a higher number of school aged children as well. 

Some of our guests are striving to live a life of mental wellness, and some a life of sobriety.

Our guests can come to Rainbow Kitchen for various reasons – hunger; loneliness; isolation; disconnection; curiosity; friendship. No matter the reason, Rainbow Kitchen is a place where anyone is welcome: for a meal; to be acknowledged and respected; to regain self-respect and caring for others; to give back and help the person beside them.

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Meals are M-F first come, first serve. Christmas meal Dec 25. Bread and produce based on availability