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The Food Atlas is a comprehensive catalogue of food security resources across the entire Vancouver Island Health Authority service area.

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Up to 5,000 people attend the Market each night to savour the flavours, see the sights and listen to the sounds of a myriad of musical performers. The Sidney Street Market is a must see and do event for everyone's summer activities list.
With TOPSOIL at Dockside Green centrally located to the downtown core, we can conveniently and consistently deliver produce to partner restaurants downtown or with our electric vehicle to partners who are further away, as well as showcase our triple bottom line operation to the people who walk and cycle past Dockside Green.
FOR $25 A WEEK A TYPICAL BOX IS lettuce or a salad mix braising greens such as spinach, chard, or kale, root crop such as carrots, beets, or turnips fruit herb newsletter with recipes and farm news
All week we make FREE, fresh groceries available to students as well as working families, single moms and dads, the elderly and others in the suburbs.