The school garden has been around for many years and over the past few years, the TCFI has helped to revitalize the space and create a consistent program for the students.  They learn how to prepare the soil, plant seeds, water and maintain the garden and see the fruits of their little labour.  

​Each class has an opportunity to spend time with our School Garden Coordinator, Lynzee to learn about where their food comes from.  A school garden club meets every week at lunch hour to take care of all the jobs that need to be done to maintain the garden.  This gives everyone in the school a chance to get their hands dirty and learn a little more about the upkeep of a garden. Lynzee also oversees the compost program at the school.  ​

With your help, this spot could be a beautiful and bountiful garden.   A donation to the school garden fund at the Coastal Community Credit Union would be much appreciated.  The account name is Tofino Community Food Initiative and please add "School Food Forest" as a description on the deposit.   Alternatively, an e-transfer is another way to donate.  Every little bit counts.  

​Another way to help is to volunteer your time and/or soil/compost to the project.  We will need some strong folks to help spread the soil when it arrives.  

Garden type
Demonstration/Education Garden