One of the core values at the Mason Street City Farm is that access to healthy food is a basic human right. No one should suffer from lack of food based on social inequities. We want to change this imbalance in our food system by providing low income and marginalized communities increased access to the skills needed to grow their own food. In order to do this, we need to provide jobs! We are not going to change the injustice in our current food system if we don’t change who has access to the knowledge and skills to build a community food system that includes everyone.

1032 Mqson st
victoria BC V8T 1A3

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As part of our mission to increase access to healthy food, we have established an edible nursery where we grow and sell a variety of annual and perennial vegetables, herbs and fruits for the backyard and community gardener. We believe strongly that providing hardy, vigorous plants to Victoria’s thriving gardening community is an important piece in the local food security puzzle.