The Comox Valley has an abundance of fruit, nuts and vegetables growing throughout the region. Often gardeners and farmers grow more than they can use or share and the surplus often goes to waste. Since 2002, LUSH Valley has run a highly successful Fruit Tree Program (FTP) that organizes volunteers to pick and redistribute fresh fruit and produce from local homes, farms and orchards. The FTP distributes unwanted fresh food to those in need; reduces waste; increases awareness of food security issues; increases food skills; and stops spoiled fruit from attracting bears and other animals. The FTP touches the lives of so many people and is pivotal for raising the awareness of food security issues and by assisting the growing number of food insecure people we have in the Comox Valley. By its very nature, the FTP promotes community connections and partnerships.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Fruit Tree Program, would like us to pick your tree or garden, or if you would like to receive produce for your clients or community please contact us.  Volunteers and tree owners/stewards will also receive a share of the harvest.