At LUSH Valley we work to increase food security in the Comox Valley.
A food secure community is one in which all people have consistent access to healthy, culturally appropriate and where possible local food. We see healthy local food as central to community well-being.

LUSH Valley is a nonprofit organization focusing on food security. We support projects that educate and empower people in the Comox Valley. We work to provide people with skills that enable them to choose, grow, and prepare healthy food. LUSH is an Island Health Food Security Hub and we work closely with other organizations across Vancouver Island and BC. Our programs focus on improving food access, food literacy, and the food economy and fall under three key areas of focus: 

1. Healthy Food Programs 
2. Fresh Food Distribution 
3. Policy and Advocacy

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We offer a wide range of cooking programs and food skill classes for community members of all ages, experiences and backgrounds. Most programs are free, and when they are not we offer bursaries, so everyone can enjoy them.
Our garden provides a safe and nurturing place where families and individuals who don’t have access to garden space can grow food for themselves, their family and/or their community.
The Fruit Tree Program, harvests fruits and vegetables from all over the Comox Valley that might otherwise go to waste and distributes them to the community.