Amazing Seeds, Fruit, and Vegetables
Grown Locally and Sustainably

We are Heather Mills and Simon Toole. We were fortunate to buy our 4.5 acre farm in 2004 and that first summer we were married on the farm. Both of us had been actively saving seed and had worked on various garden and farm projects. Saving Seed has been the main focus of what we do from the start, although we do other things as well. We take a lot of pride in the quality of what we grow, in being truly sustainable, and supplying our local community. Our emphasis is on older varieties that have amazing flavour. We are trying to preserve a simple, age old way of life that has sustained people all over the world for ages.

We would not exist without the help of family, friends, customers and community. We are forever grateful to the Comox Valley Farmers Market and also Comox Valley Growers and Seed Savers. We have benefited in many ways from peoples generosity, from people helping out on the farm to an amazing friend who helps with computer/graphics. While we don’t like to tot our horn we try to find ways to give back to the broader community as well as the farm community. We desperately need more young people to go into farming and there are unfortunately more obstacles all the time.

Both of us are transplanted easterners who enjoy the pace and the natural beauty of island living. When we sneak away from the farm we like to bike, canoe and ski or just chill at the river or beach.


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Amazing Seeds, Fruit, and Vegetables Grown Locally and Sustainably