Cowichan Green Community Society, (CGC) is a non-profit organization that has been focusing on environmental sustainability in the Cowichan Region officially since March 2004. Since 2007, CGC’s mandate is to improve food security by developing strong relationships with local food producers and increasing urban and rural food production.

Our mission is to cultivate food, community and resilience.

CGC is a community leader, creating and supporting a future where our foundation is built on health and well-being; our environment, economy and social fabric are resilient, inclusive and vibrant; we celebrate our connection to the earth and to each other; and all persons are valued equally.

CGC is also a hub for social innovation, community engagement and community building; nurturing the relationships between ourselves and our environment. CGC creates positive change through education, regenerative projects, and celebration.

CGC’s Guiding Principles are evident in all of the work that we do: we value inclusion, intention, responsibility, commitment, positive solutions, diversity, collaboration, and environmental reverence.

Our food security projects include the creation of food policy documents such as the Cowichan Food Charter and the Cowichan Food Security Plan, projects like Kin Park Youth Urban Farm, FruitSave – a fruit gleaning project- the Buy Local! Buy Fresh! Farm Food Map, and community gardens. We also offer educational workshops, events and organize Duncan’s annual Seedy Saturdays/Sundays to promote the role of rural and urban agriculture in our community’s resilience and sustainability.

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This project aims to establish a food recovery system to reclaim unwanted and destined for the landfill food and into a variety of other more sustainable streams including re-distribution, processing, compost and animal feed. Recover - Share - Nourish
FoodFit, a program developed by Community Food Centres Canada, is now being offered through Cowichan Green Community Foundation to bring low-income community members together to set goals, learn skills, and make measurable changes in overall health and fitness. The goal of the FoodFit program is to support community members to become better nourished, more active, and less socially isolated.
Cowichan Green Community often offer food preservation workshops when the season is right! Contact us at or by phone 250-748-8506 to be put on the contact list for when we offer a program or receive a large donation of produce!
Cowichan Green Community offers seasonal food preservation workshops using locally gleaned and sourced produce from CGC's farms, programs, and donations. These workshops are hosted in our commercial kitchen located in our office building, downtown Duncan, making it accessible and inclusive to many community members to learn how to can and preserve the harvest.
Cowichan Green Community offers a variety of cooking classes. Programs are a constant so call (250)748-8506 or email for details on the cooking classes we are running today!
This group meets monthly to discuss current food related programming, concerns, and to do projects to help bridge the gap of food insecurity in Cowichan.
The Cowichan's first online farmers' market.
The Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm is the first seed training farm to be launched in Canada. Based on the successful ‘Incubator Farm’ model that has been implemented in numerous places to train new farmers, the Cowichan Incubator Seed Farm (CISF) will be the first to focus specifically on training new seed farmers.