The FLT Society is a charitable not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to enhance farming capacity in the Greater Victoria area by protecting local farmland, protecting eco-sensitive and culturally special areas, producing food for those in need, providing relevant educational opportunities, promoting the economic viability of farmland, and providing community access and public awareness programs. Through our work, the FLT Society liaises with a diverse community: Greater Victoria farming community; Government (municipal, provincial, federal); First Nations; food banks; senior centers; drop-in centers for persons in need in society; non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in stewardship, heritage, agriculture and/or nature conservancy; and academia.

The FLT Society is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of Greater Victoria community members who have a diverse array of experience, knowledge, skills and abilities that enrich the planning and implementing of farmland preservation and local food security activities. The FLT Society Board of Directors also receives support from volunteer FLT Society Community Advisors. Our charitable not-for-profit society has one paid part-time farm manager who oversees our daily operation of the historic Newman Farm in Saanichton, BC.

From 2013 to present, the FLT Society continues to lead the “field to plate” initiative at Newman Farm where our FLT Society volunteers grow, harvest and donate local vegetables to those in need at Our Place Society – a local homeless shelter and soup kitchen in Victoria, BC to aid in relieving poverty and mitigating food insecurity for marginalized populations in society. In 2017, the FLT Society grew and harvested local vegetables for those in need at Our Place Society which totaled 15,830 lbs. (a variety of squash, beets, corn, apples, plums, onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkins and pears) which equated to $32,373.75 – an organizational record! Additional produce contributions were made to the Quadra Village Centre, and the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association. From 2013 to 2017, the FLT Society via the “field to plate” initiative has grown and harvested over 29,280+ lbs. of produce – linking food production with Our Place Society.

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