Thanks for your interest in getting your agency and programs listed to the Food Atlas, we're excited to work with you, and looking forward to developing new tools and resources to help you have a greater impact in your community.

A great way to get started with the Food Atlas is to browse through some of our current program or agency listings to get a sense of how the Food Atlas might best help you and your agency.

How to Add Your Agency

Once you've created your account, you'll be prompted to add an Agency to the Food Atlas

1. Add your agency's basic information.

Basic agency information

2. choose your agency type

Your agency type describes the sector you're working in. The image below highlights the different agency types available in the Food Atlas. Agency types are useful when trying to find community partners who can support your food security projects—for example, you might be looking for government partners or professional associations to help you with current initiatives.

agency type

3. choose your impact area

Impact areas describe your agency's community focus.  Impact areas are useful in trying to identify allies in the community. For example, if you select Community Food Infrastructure as your impact area, you'll be easy to find for organizations wanting to connect around community food infrastructure projects.

The best way to think about impact areas is to think about who you are, and who you'd like to ally yourself with for collective action projects.

Impact area

4. Add expertise/supports

Expertise/Supports defines where your agency is able to provide expertise or support to other food-focused agencies.  The best way to think about expertise/supports is to think about how you can support other organizations in your community, or in collective action projects.


5. preview and publish

When you're ready, you can preview your listing to make sure it appears how you'd like it to. Make sure to add social links and contact info, to make it easy for people to connect with you, and a compelling description that tells people everything they need to know.

When you're satisfied, go ahead and save your agency listing. A message will be sent to a moderator to review and approve your submission.

Once you've added your agency, the next step is to add your agency's programs.

add programs