The Food Atlas is a community-driven tool for empowering communities to develop and plan around food security resources.

To help visitors access the programs and services they need, the content on the Food Atlas is sorted into two areas: agencies and programs.

Agencies deliver programs to the community. You're probably familiar with some of the food-focused agencies in your region already and might have worked with them on regional food-security initiatives. The Food Atlas looks to bring agencies together to provide a space for networking, collaboration, and opportunities for collective action.

Programs are the products and services available to the community, like grocery stores or community kitchen programs.

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The Community Food Atlas is designed to be a self-sustaining tool and is managed by the Island Food Security Hubs in partnership with Vancouver Island Health Authority and the Public Health Association of BC.

Read more about the Food Security Hubs below:

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The Food Security Hubs are a collective of organizations working together with Island Health and other community partners across the Island Region to support healthy food systems, address food insecurity and ultimately improve health. Food Security is a complex systems issue. A Healthy Food System requires action from multiple partners across sectors to bring about positive change.

Learn more about the Food Security Hub in your region at

Collaborating for a Healthy Food System

Building a healthy Island food system where everyone has access to the foods they need to thrive is a goal that requires participation from all members of our community—when it comes to food, we all have a role to play!

The Food Atlas was developed with these goals in mind—in addition to being a useful tool to find programs, the Food Atlas can help agencies establish connections with like-minded organizations, discover opportunities for collaboration, identify community gaps and assets, and connect with community partners around collaborative action.


How to Get Started

Getting started with the Food Atlas is simple. If you'd like to add your agency or programs, it starts with signing up for an account. Once you've signed up, a Food Atlas moderator will approve your account, and you can add your agency and programs.


Questions answered? Go ahead and sign up for an account now!